Monday, June 23, 2014

Ghost Stories

The Voices

Once in the middle of the night, I heard my older sister come home after a night out. I heard the front door open and then close. And then suddenly I heard a great rush of noise. It sounded like 20 friends had suddenly joined her and were now conversing outside. The sounds were loud but no sentences or voices were truly identifiable-- just the low rumble of party chatter. Then a very loud and angry howling began like a baby crying and a girl's voice blared over it all, "YOU HAVE JAMIE'S SHOE. YOU HAVE JAMIE'S SHOE…." And as suddenly as the chaos began----it all stopped.

The next morning I was making breakfast and asked my sister who all those people last night were. She stopped what she had been doing and stared at me.

"You heard it too?"

The Presence

At a sleepover with my friends in third grade we stayed up late talking. Suddenly one of my friends stopped abruptly and asked who in the room was standing up. None of us were.

The Window

When I was in high school and got my license, I would drive my friend Kelley around everywhere. Once we stopped at her house so she could get some things. Her room was on the second floor. After she had been gone awhile I looked up and saw her in the window starring at me. I looked away for a second and then was startled to see that she was already back at my car. I asked her how she got down here so fast. She asked what I meant. I told her that I had just seen her looking out the window. She told me she didn't stop to look out the window.


In my sophomore year of college I was having a very vivid dream. I was in some kind of castle and walking up a spiral staircase when suddenly someone grabbed me and spoke loudly into my ear: "Her name was Kimmy". I woke up back in my dorm room and couldn't breathe. It felt like someone was sitting on top of me. I gasped for air and tried to call out to my friend Jill who lived a few doors down. Then suddenly the weight lifted and I could breathe again.

In Japan they have a word for this-- it's called "Kanashibari" it means Sleep Paralysis. But if you Google it you get this.


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