Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dark Confession Vol. 1

(A black screen with voices
one seems to come out of the front
one out the back)
'What's the worst thing you've ever done?'
'The worst?'
'Anal beads?"
"No… I guess the worst thing was...I was little--five maybe"
(A cough)
"We had gotten this puppy recently and I loved it. But when we first got it. It ...scared me for some reason. It's weird right? I fucking love dogs. But for some reason this dog at first..made me feel…like I hated it. Like something inside me woke up all of a sudden and it felt this paralyzing fear of suffocation. And this thing inside of me was telling me to do something about it."
(a pause)
"I took a pair of my mother's sewing scissors and I quietly snipped off the very bottom part of my dog's ear. I don't remember much else other than hearing its awful yelp of pain, and maybe some blood. I did it right in the living room while my Dad was watching TV. Just fucking snipped it off like it was paper. I remember the part I cut off being big but I guess it wasn't really. I don't even know if it came off all the way or if it was just a…"
'Piece hanging off?"
"Then what happened?"
"Then the dog and I became the best friends. I loved that dog more than anything. But sometimes I feel like on that day….something bad awoke inside me and tested the waters you know? Like…whatever gives sociopaths their hunger found its way inside me. I think maybe I came very close that day to disappearing.
"But you didn't"
"No. I guess the other thing inside me. The thing that makes me cry when I see a cute dog look at me. That sorry asshole saved me. "
"Are you glad?"
(a pause)
"So what about you? What's the worst thing you've ever done?"
"Killed a guy once."


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